More space - more space for an open smile!

07.03.2019 18:14

The basic idea of Tiger Dental products is to provide sufficient scope for the best possible orthodontic treatment and to avoid the extraction of teeth.
With the core statement "more space" we rely on proven products like the TopJet Distalizer, PowerScrew etc. in the further development of our system.

This year we organize a raffle at the ÖGKFO Annual Meeting in Kitzbühel, from the 9th to the 16th of March. Join in and win one or more great prizes!

The Tiger Dental Team welcomes you!
Dagmar Böhler and Eva Diem

One frequent questions from our dear Orthodontists:

04.03.2019 14:00

"How may I select the correct TopJet?"

Black coding: TopJet clix 250 (250 cN) is mainly used for children for distalization of the first molar alone.

Red coding: TopJet clix 360 (360 cN) for molar and premolar distalization. Can also provide less pressure by deactivation.

Do you have more questions about the Top Jet? We are happy to answer any concerns.

Hand-on course lectured by Dr. Heinz Winsauer.

28.02.2019 11:02

New Ways for More Space.

This past Friday, 22nd. Feb. We welcomed Orthodontists around the world, who came to participate in the course of Distalization and Maxillary Expansion using skeletal anchorage.

30.11.2018 11:38

The Tiger Micro System Practice Course with emphasis on PowerScrew Expansion with Dr. Ing. Heinz Winsauer once again took place in practice in Bregenz with great success. The practical course on November 29 gave a sound theoretical and practical knowledge of the application of the Tiger Micro System. The participating orthodontists of international origin experienced a varied and comprehensive course day for the topic PowerScrew MICRO2 and MICRO4. Mornings: Theoretical basics and hands-on workshops on the topics: setting screws, expander installation / removal. A highlight of the event was the live transmission of a complete patient treatment to MICRO4 on site (setting the mini screws, taking impressions, making the MICRO4 expander, inserting the finished equipment). Afternoon: Live production of a MICRO4 expander in the laboratory. Winsauer "Four Key Factors for Successful MICRO Treatment", Live Patient Illustrating Different Course of Treatment (Hybrid Expander, MICRO2, MICRO4). After the intensive practice course day we received a very positive feedback. We are very happy about that! (Photos: Tiger Dental, Carsten Deák)

All information you’ll find on our website:

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All information you’ll find on our website:

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All information you’ll find on our website:

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All information you’ll find on our website:

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18-19 October 2018

14.11.2018 08:35

Welcome in the Virtual World of IVOC SFODF

13.11.2018 11:03

It is a great pleasure and an immense honour for me to wish you all, and your avatars, a warm welcome to the first International Virtual Orthodontic Conference, the IVOC SFODF, the first meeting to which you will not have to travel in order to play a direct and active role in the proceedings!

Selected speaker Dr. Heinz Winsauer

Firstly, a very urgent remark: it is necessary and mandatory that you create your avatar before February 7, 2019!