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Kurse Messen Vorträge

September 2019 - Austria

23.09.2019 #1

Ort: You Smile Praxis Dr. Heinz Winsauer, Bregenz


Mini screws and their impact on distalization and expansion in modern orthodontics

Date: 23.09.2019
Time:  09:00 – 13:00
Language: French

The use of mini screws in the anterior palate has fundamentally changed todays orthodontic treatment. Highly effective future appliances that will be attached to mini screws are installed purely chairside or within a fully digital workflow.

This web conference and online tutorial will give participants a detailed insight into the treatment philosophy of Dr. Winsauer, his concepts bone anchored distalization and expansion in children and adults.

Are you interested? Send us an email to office@tigerdental.com to be part of this course.